Monday, March 7, 2011

circus going idiot

We went to the circus last Thursday evening. As usual people were coming in late, including the lady and her daughter that were sitting on the row in front of us. No big deal, it was happening everywhere. During intermission I saw the lady talking to the lady sitting a few seats over, just small talk, very obvious that they didn't know each other. Anyways, she got up with her daughter and was gone the rest of the intermission. Walked back in to the show.. after it re-started. Again, no big deal, whatever. BUT! When I saw what happened next my mouth just dropped.

The little girl was left sitting by herself. I didn't know where the mom went, and apparently neither did the other mother who was sitting a few seats over because she looked over and saw the little girl sitting by herself and did a double take type of look. I noticed that she kept looking over at the little girl until her mom came back in a couple minutes later.. with a funnel cake. A FUNNEL CAKE. Is funnel cake really more important than your little girl's safety? As far as I know, she didn't ask the other mom to watch her daughter, she just left her sitting there while she was watching the show. Granted, I don't think the girl even realized her mom had walked away, but still. She was 3, maybe 4 tops. Just sitting there by herself in a big arena.

Then, it happened again! I don't know where the mom went the second time because she didn't come back in carrying anything. I was seriously just stunned. From their interactions, she seemed to be a good, loving mother. But who leaves their child sitting alone at a big event like that?? It doesn't take long for someone to snatch your kid and take off. It doesn't take long for a kid to wander off and get lost. I just don't get it. I'm sure she didn't want her to daughter to miss the show for whatever she was doing, HOW CONSIDERATE!

Everything was fine, the girl didn't get stolen. I just think people need to be more careful. I wouldn't leave my purebred American Bulldog with a stranger, actually, I wouldn't even leave Jude, my boxer/pit with someone I didn't know. But the lady didn't even get anyone to watch her girl, she just left her. We wonder why kids get stolen, end up lost, missing.. and I am not saying every child that is abducted or lost, that it is the parents fault---- but when you leave your child unattended in an arena full of hundreds of people, to me, you're asking for it.

Use common sense people! Take care of YOUR children- and do NOT give them more credit than they deserve. I don't care how smart your 3 or 4 year old is- they should not be left alone in a public place for ANY amount of time!