Monday, January 31, 2011

concert going fool

Some concerts are better than others. Obviously. I have my favorites. Favorites because of the people I was with, because of things that happened while I was there, or just because I love the music. I love hearing songs that take me back to a concert I've been to and make me smile because of the memories made at the show.
I need to start putting some of those memories down, keeping track of the people I have seen.. I forget too much. I need to remember!

I have seen Paul McCartney 4 times. Once when I was younger in Atlanta with my family. Then three times since the summer of 2009. My favorite concert OF ALL TIME was when I saw him August 15th, 2009 at Piedmond Park. I was with my 2 sisters, my mom, my niece, 3 cousins and an aunt. We met in Atlanta that afternoon and waited for the doors to open.. not thinking we would get close, and ended up FRONT ROW. We paid the general admission price and were FRONT ROW. Of course once we got up there we didn't move the rest of the day. We waited HOURS up there, would take turns going to get waters (it was outside in Atlanta in August.. KILLER HOT), going to the bathroom, etc. People were passing out from heat exhaustion, they started handing out waters and ice to people on the front rows. There were people behind us for as far as we could see. I think I read somewhere about 40,000 people were there. The Script opened for him, which was good.. then there he was. SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY! Just the most awesome show. Most. Awesome. Show. He played for about three hours, I screamed, sang and danced the night away with some of my favorite people all around me. JUST THE BEST! Towards the end, it started raining, rained through a few songs and he kept right on going, so we were then soaking wet and freezing. Just awesome. So awesome that we decided to road trip it to Texas for his Wednesday show in Dallas, TX. Which was awesome too. It didn't compare to the Atlanta show because it lacked the killer hot day, the rain then cold night, the first time seeing him in years, etc. BUT, the Texas show was awesome in it's own way. He still rocked the stadium, we drove out to Texas and back in like 3 days, just .. whoooooo. I saw him in July of 2010 with my mom and David in Charlotte. That was an experience for sure.. got in a nice little argument with the people behind me trying to tell me to sit down, hmmm no. Not ruining my night! David's made fun of me for seeing Paul back in 2009.. but of course, all 3 of us loved it.

I am going to go ahead and put Ringo right here, because that was awesome too. I saw him the same month I saw Paul- July 2010. It was Ringo and his All-Star Band which includes... a bunch of people. Didn't really know what to expect but it was some of Ringo's solo hits, Beatles music, and then the ASB members performed hits from their careers too. Awesome. Another outdoor concert with the same group from the August Paul concert the year before =)

The Tin Roof in Columbia. December 2010.. with David! Engagement night.. Jason Michael Carroll :)

The rest will mostly be listed who I saw, who I was with, when and where they were.. in no particular order.

--The Crawfish Boil. Greenville May 2009. I only went to night #2 because I had Relay For Life the night of the first show- which means I didn't sleep at all before the show. Eric, Casey, John, Zech & Katie.. There were I think 6 bands that night, I remember seeing Candlebox, Hinder, Theory of a Deadman and 3 Doors Down.
--Late 2009/Early 2010, Coyotes in Augusta. Jason Michael Carroll, Chris Young & Bomshell. Really chill concert with David. Started my love for JMC's hottest voice.
--May 2010, JBA. Carrie Underwood, Sons of Sylvia & Craig Morgan. Why not? A concert in Augusta, something for me and David to do.. Craig Morgan may have been her "opener" but he was easily the best of the night.
--Bi-Lo Center, Greenville January 2010. Jason Aldean. I don't remember if Eric Church or Luke Bryan opened for him at this show. Eric, Josh and Kori.. her first concert EVER!
--JBA, February 2010. Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan or Eric Church with David. Thumbs up.
--Carnival of Madness, Simpsonville SC July 2010. The line-up was 10 Years, Sevendust, Puddle of Mudd, Chevelle & Shinedown.. with Eric, Casey, Jen & John. Fun night with fun people at an outdoor show.
--Two different Rock Fore Dough Concerts. Augusta. 2009 with my sister and her husband, Katie & Jeff. Zac Brown Band, Hootie and Darius Rucker solo stuff. FREEZING outside! The other one was a few years back, with my brother in-law, Chris, Kathy and Stephen. Came home from school on overnights to go.. Better Than Ezra, Collective Soul and Hootie. Got so sick.
--Aiken SC, winter 2009. Casting Crowns and Matt Redman with my mom.
--December 2009, Augusta. Mark Harris Christmas concert with Ashley.
--JBA, June 2010. Cavo, Lifehouse, Daughtry with David. Lifehouse was my fave!
--Birmingham, Alabama. February 2010. Mom, 2 cousins, sisters and my niece. Eric Clapton. Awesome.
--I have seen the BSB twice.. once in Atlanta with my sisters & niece and once at the HOB in Myrtle Beach. Nelly opened in Atlanta (embarrassing!) and Nick kept checking me out at the HOB. Just sayin.
--I have been seen a tribute band for Bon Jovi, Journey annndd The Beatles. Of course I wish they weren't tributes and the real thing. SIGH. (Though I did see Bon Jovi when I was little.. too little to remember!)
--American Idol Tour in Charlotte August 2010 with David. Super chill outdoor concert.
--November 2010, JBA with Ashley.. the guitar pull! An acoustic show with Easton Corbin, Montgomery Gentry, The Band Perry, Darius Rucker, Jason Aldean and Vince Gill. Fun night.. ended watching a big ole fight break out on the floor =)

I don't know if this is everyone or not.. I don't remember. I am sure I will be driving down the road or getting ready one morning soon and hear a song and say "oh yeahhhhhhhhh! i saw them!".. That's how it usually goes.

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