Thursday, January 27, 2011


I better not get too far in my blogging without putting up my engagement story. I haven't written it out really, except in a few text messages, skimping on details, so here goes.

December 2, 2010 - David took off work early to come home and get me to go see Jason Michael Carroll. A little background on JMC and why we were going to see him in the first place: last year (either late 2009 or early 2010) we went to see him at Coyotes in Augusta, but were really going because I wanted to see Chris Young and we had free tickets. I knew a few JMC songs but just had a whatever attitude about him, he was good but not a fave or anything. HOWEVER, as SOON as I heard him start to sing that night, my whatever attitude changed. Instant favorite country singer, and one of my all time favorite voices. LOVED his voice, one those, can be twangy, but doesn't have to be.. soooooo deep, then not deep all in the same breath.. ahhhh. Anyways, so then I became a bigger fan. The place we saw him wasn't a big place, so it was real personable, though I didn't care to try and get up close at the time. I ended up putting him on my Ipod and listened quite often after that. So, that's the background on my love for JMC.

I noticed this past fall that he was going to be in Columbia early December and then in Atlanta late December. We knew that late December wasn't going to work with David's work schedule, so we kind of planned on the Columbia date. Then, I decided we shouldn't go, had other stuff going on, no big deal. David ended up saying he really wanted to go, tickets were super cheap because it was a restaurant (The Tin Roof, similiar to Wild Wings). So, we went. Of course I got grumpy about something before we left and said we just didn't have to go then. I don't remember what it was, but I swear, stuff like that always happens in engagement stories :) We got there in plenty of time to eat and sit and chat. The place started filling up around the time we were done eating and the opener was on the stage. We went ahead up so that we didn't get stuck in the back of the place when Jason Michael Carroll actually came out. When he was finished the place cleared out for people to go get more drinks and to go out to smoke.. so we scooted right on up to front and center. There was actually a row of people in front of us, sometimes two deep, mostly not though. I could have reached out and touched him, so we were close enough for me. He came out and socialized for a few and then started singing. It was a really chill acoustic show, but still peppy and a lot of fun. He is a really good crowd pleaser- makes sure to make eye-contact, smile at you.. you know, the stuff that girls love :) I guess David was waiting all night for him to sing "Livin' Our Love Song", I had no idea. Hahaha. So anyways, the very last song that he sang that night, was the song David was waiting for. He started it and I was getting my camera out to record some of it and I felt David moving around behind me. Then I saw him talking to some, kind of intoxicated girls beside him, so I turned around to give attitude about him bumping into me and figured he was telling them to move..which he was, because as soon as I turned around he got down on one knee and grabbed my hands. Everything gets kind of fuzzy for me there. The girls, and then everyone else around me were shrieking and screaming with excitement and I was just standing there with my mouth open I think. I do remember that when he went to go down on one knee, I was like "nooo, don't do that!". I'm more of the have everything planned out type, and I was just too shocked. Anyways. He said some stuff, slid the ring on my finger and picked me up over the crowd. I just stood there, completely oblivious to JMC singing and everyone freaking out around us. After he finished the song, one of the guitar players told him that David just proposed so from the stage he announced it, asked what I said, congratulated us, etc.. and everyone went crazy with high fives, applauses and congratulations.

That was the last song that he sang and he hung around afterwards. We met him and talked with him for a minute, got our picture made and another congratulations. :)
I stayed pretty quiet on the way home, David was worried I was trying to think of a way to give the ring back. BUT, don't worry, I still have it! I had no idea he was planning the engagement, which is surprising. I usually try to figure things out and be fully aware of what's going on. He got me :)

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