Friday, February 4, 2011

little rigby wants to play!

It is yet again, another rainy rainy day in Georgia. I don't mind rainy days so much because of the inconvenience of going outside and getting wet for myself. I mind rainy days for Rigby. With all of his skin issues, and then his stitches- he has never really been outside in the rain. Wet grass seems to irritate his belly more than usual, which just causes bigger problems for us. Jude has no problem being outside in the rain. When it's warm outside you will see him running around playing in it like it's the greatest thing ever. When it's cool or cold out (if not so cold that he comes in) he usually hangs out in his mansion of a doghouse. Littleman will barely step off the front porch to pee though. No really, I have seen him stand with his feet still on the porch and try to pee on the ground. Pretty smart little pup. Then there are times when he just wants to go sit out in it. But only if it's that annoying drizzling rain and not too cold out. And you have to sit and wait on him. Not fun either.
Lately, especially after his 3 weeks inside because of him being sick/his surgery, he whines when he can't go out after a while. There is only so much room for him to run and get his energy out in the house and it just doesn't seem to work as well. I have a lucky rainy day every now where he will be like a lazy old man, curl up on his bed and stay there most of the day. Too bad I can't teach him to read!
We play together, but he gets bored. His toys start to bore him, and believe me, it's not because he only has a couple :) We play hide and seek. We cuddle and "chat" with each other. Whatever works to keep him out of trouble! Regardless, the day seems so much longer when we are stuck in the house together all day. Just the longest of days- but I am not going to complain yet. That will come tomorrow if it is still raining, days in a row in the house are not fun for the littleman! :)
You'd think we would be in clear once the rain stopped- but nope. The backyard has some areas that puddle up pretty bad and take days to go away.. FAIL. Rigby will absolutely find those spots then run back in the house with soaking wet feet.. and honestly, the soaking wet feet aren't the bad part. The bad part is when he gets them soaking wet and then plays in the dirt.. the orange dirt. Not fun for this mommy!
If only it were warmer, I might just through him out there. But the poor little guy shivers when he's cold, I just can't do it.

Rain rain go away, little Rigby wants to play!

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