Thursday, February 17, 2011

shopping: 4 rants & a rave

It's been a while since I've posted. We have been redoing the house little by little and just tackled a pretty decent size room and a hallway. Busy! But of course, along with painting comes redecorating, which means I have been out and about, in and out of stores galore. And yet again, OF COURSE with that comes annoying people!

Most recently, about 2 hours ago actually, I was in line at Marshalls. I was just standing there minding my own business, looking at the kitchen gadgets that were on a shelf by where the line formed.. and I heard this annoying noise. At first I was like hmm, annoying, wonder what that was. Then, there it was again. And again.. until it was a constant.. SMACK SMACK SMACK. A lady had come up behind me and was smacking her gum SO LOUD. I am not a fan of gum smacking, I hate to hear people chew their food (even when their mouths are closed, the food is just crunchy). I just do not like it. Sometimes, you will hear or see a child smacking their gum, even then I think they should be taught not too- but it is more understandable than a GROWN woman standing in line smacking loud enough for everyone around to hear.. and stare at her. And as you could guess, she didn't get the hint.

The other day, I was in a store looking at home decor type stuff and turned up an aisle that had a few people on it. Everyone pretty much cleared out as I started walking down the aisle, slowly browsing. Everyone except one lady and her child that was in a cart. Not only did she not move herself out of the middle of the aisle to look- she didn't move her cart out of the middle of the aisle either. That gets on my nerves... SO BAD. Move your cart over so other people can get by! Sometimes I decide to say smart stuff to people, other times I let it go, depends on my mood. This time I just let it go and sighed loudly until she finally moved. I don't know if she thought I was just going to turn around and not look on that aisle or what.. inconsiderate. This is something that I experience way too often, why do people think because they have a cart that it should sit in the middle of the aisle and everyone should just stand their until they're finished? I don't think so. I have found myself moving carts or even hitting them with mine when people don't move them on their own. MOVE.

I was meeting a friend for lunch Tuesday afternoon, and yet again found myself yelling at the idiots around me. As I am waiting to turn into CFA (a left hand turn) the light had changed a bunch of people came and turned in (right hand turn people).. which is fine, I get that. What I don't get are the morons who pull into the drive-thru so deep that noone can turn into the parking lot because their car is blocking it. How about not blocking the entrance and causing another big back up? GET OUT OF THE WAY!

This morning while I was at Pier One I got irritated too. There was only one lady on the floor, I heard her say that the other employee was in the back helping to unload a delivery. I get that, no big deal. What I don't get is being rude to the customers around the counter just because you are slightly stressed that you have to help everyone yourself. It's Pier One.. not an ER. She helped the first lady, sent her on her way. Then, for whatever reason even though I was standing there another lady moved up to the counter before I could get by the stroller of the previous customer. I stand there, somewhat baffled. Then the phone rings, so the lady is even more flustered. She tells the lady she can't help her right now, she has too many people at the counter, she can call back or she will call her back, whichever. I thought that was the point of a hold button, why sit there and take down a bunch of info over the phone and not just say "could you please hold a minute?"... anywayssssssssss, when she hangs up the phone and before she helps the lady who cut me off, I interrupt and ask for a tape measure, which is all I needed. The woman who cut me off knew she did because she was like, "oh, yeah get her that tape measure first" type thing.. since I spoke up. RUDE RUDE RUDE.

I will end my blog of shopping rants with a rave, though it wasn't this week. I was heading down the road, on my way to get some groceries and Footloose was on the radio. Who doesn't love that song? Such a fun, dance silly, sing loud type song. So, my radio is up I'm driving along and I pass a man - probably in his 30's-40's, straight up rocking out in his car to the same song! We were on the road that you turn on out of my neighborhood, so we weren't driving all too fast- it was so very obvious because he was clapping to the beat, (if you can remember how the song go, it was the part that was just the upbeat music, no singing) dancing and smiling soooooo big! I laughed out loud, a lot. Like to the point of tears. He was just as happy as they come!

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  1. UGH. I actually have to take a klonopin before I can go shopping because those freaking idiots get me so upset. I've actually physically pushed peoples' carts out of the aisle and into the next aisle when they weren't looking so I could get by. I've also thrown random things in their Preparation H and monistat when they wouldn't get the hint and move. Bwahaha. I get some kind of sick pleasure watching them at the checkout line when they find the stuff.

    Huzzah for Footloose though, I have it on my iPod and jam out to it on a regular basis :)