Thursday, January 9, 2014

Land Prep

The week that we signed on our land I met with a man from the Clemson Extension office in Edgefield to find out some basic information on the land and where to even begin. We walked through the land and he pointed out different trees, potential issues, weeds, how to get rid of things, steps to take for deeming the land agricultural, and farmland information. I know he will be one of the best resources we have throughout this process. On one hand, I found out we had some awesome trees (so excited!), on the other hand I found out we had SO much work to do. There is cactus randomly throughout the property, but worse than that, sand spurs.
We have worked on the land a little bit here and there, cleaning up some trees (cutting down, cutting off bottom limbs) and cutting some of the weeds down with our riding mower. We haven't done a ton, but since we have only had the land a couple months and they were the holiday months, I'm pleased. Now that we have the tractor and it should be warming up (got to love Georgia!) in the not so distant future, things will be busy preparing the land.
We have a BUNCH of trees- the woods we are leaving natural at this point. Once we are living out there we will start cleaning out some of the under brush and dead limbs/trees. The front part of the property has a lot of trees as well. We will of course be leaving a lot of the trees, but our plan is to cut down all the ones we need/want to take down on our own in the next couple months. We will be cutting all the weeds (some taller than I am) in the next few weeks. Once the trees are down and the weeds are cut, we will plow everything under. It should be the easiest way to get rid of the weeds/cactus/and especially sand spurs. Then we will plant grass... and hope we get rain so it grows.
The first weekend that we had the land (signed on a Friday) we went out and planted two trees. I just HAD to have them planted right away, I thought it would be so neat to look back over the years and know that those trees were planted right when we got the land. We planted the trees on the area we plan to be a pasture, there's not as many trees in that area so they will stand out and be even more pretty!

Autumn Blaze Maple & Bald Cypress

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