Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trail Camera

*This post is a little out of order, there are still some I need to do to catch up but I wanted to go ahead and add these cute deer*

We see new little footprints almost every time we are out at the land. David, being the country boy he is (or maybe it's common knowledge that I just didn't have) identifies the different prints no problem. Lots of different size deer feet, some raccoon prints, dog prints, bunnies...
Fortunately we haven't seen any evidence of coyotes or hogs but we wanted to make sure there weren't any in the woods since it's harder to see evidence back there. And, David of course wanted to see what deer were out there (though we are NOT shooting them on our land). He borrowed a trail camera from a friend right before Christmas and I got him one for Christmas so we set them up and let them do their thing.
We have only had them set up a couple weeks and have hundreds of pictures and about a hundred videos. The video is set up in the actual woods and the camera is set up out on the land. I think I enjoy looking at it more than David now because I think all the animals are so cute. There is one little one I've named Spike, so far that's the only one I've named. I don't want to name too many of them because when we live there and they are eating my plants I might not be so against hunting on our land. Haha. Here are a few pictures and maybe if I can figure it out, a video.

This guy shows up more than most of the boys. His antlers are very distinguishable at least. Maybe he will get a name.

I included this one because I think he's cute. Poor guy, haha.

Deer partaaayyy!

Wish you could see his face better.

This lady is in a lot of videos. She loves to eat. There are some cute ones with raccoons and bunnies too, I will try to add them later!

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