Thursday, January 9, 2014

We Have Trees!

In my previous post I mentioned that we had a lot of trees on the land. That is no exaggeration. The woods are filled with hardwoods- mostly different types of oaks. There are a few pines, some cedar, holly. I have walked through several times but until spring/summer when I can get a good look at everything I won't know what all is back there for sure. Too hard to identify when most of the leaves are gone. I love trees, it ended up being one of the "had to haves" on our list when we were comparing land. Old beautiful trees just cannot be replaced.
The front part of the property has several varieties as well. It was cleared out several years ago so it doesn't really look like "woods". There are a lot of smaller pines. Normally I am not a big fan, but because of them being evergreen and us having enough room to clear out any falling on our house, I am happy about it. A nice border in all directions! There are some oaks in the front part of the property ... and we have some fruit trees! Persimmons, Chickasaw plum, and cherry trees! The persimmons and plums are edible, the cherry trees are edible for birds. We have to cut most of them down (the ones near the house and pasture) but will leave several on the far side of property. When the leaves fall off in the fall they produce cyanide - obviously toxic. Our "neighbors" have some in their pasture, but I am a weirdo and won't take the risk. I have counted several pecan trees as well, but they aren't mature enough to be producing any pecans yet.
Here is a pretty, pretty pecan tree.
Though I will definitely be landscaping, I plan to keep things more natural looking than most of your typical neighborhoods. Though it is a neighborhood, the lots are all large and kept up with in a "natural" way. (AKA a lot of the grass is cut by the horses, ha!) It would look out of place to pick up my house and yard where we are now and sit it in that neighborhood. I've learned so much about plants the past couple years, but I feel like I have to almost start over. A totally new look, I'm excited! Instead of that Georgia clay, it appears that the soil out there is actually sand. It was much easier to plant the trees in and the water absorbed much easier.
I can't wait for spring to see how these trees will look. I am hoping for a pretty show. I certainly was not disappointed with this permission tree in the fall.

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