Thursday, September 6, 2012

Colorful Pots

 I started work in the backyard this year. Lots of new plants, when I say lots I am talking lotsssss. Like 50. Easy. Trees, bushes, flowers. There wasn't anything back there before, except grass and the woods behind the grass. I buy most of my plants as "babies" because I am blessed with a green thumb, so it helps a lot on the cost. Doesn't take long for stuff to take off and do well, though I have had a few casualties this summer when it was up over 100 degrees for dayssss.
 I wanted to add some contrast and pop to all the perennials in the ground so I decided to add some annuals in pots. I have two big dogs that can destroy pretty much anything so I have to be careful what I put out there. I know what catches their little eyes so I stay away from stuff like that and then try to be as safe as possible... AND not spend much money on anything back there that is easily accessible for them. They do so good though, I am such a proud mommy!
I purchased 4 of the orange terra cotta pots from Wal-Mart or Lowes- whichever place I was at when the idea popped into my head. They were probably a buck or 2 each. I keep different colors of spray paint on hand because of random projects, but I do believe I bought a couple other colors as well. I like the orange, but I wanted to go with a different color scheme to go with a birdbath I had just painted. I also bought some sealer that was in a spray can. I should have taken a picture of it, but didn't. It was just a clear glossy spray paint that I believe said sealer on it.
I sprayed the clear on first, then a color -- it did take a couple coats. Make sure to spray lightly and do as many coats as it takes. If you try to spray too much at once it will leave run marks all over the pots. Once it's dried, spray with the clear to seal the color in and you're ready to plant!
And here they are in the bed I made them for :)

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