Thursday, September 6, 2012

Outdoor Fall Decor

Wow! It's been a long time since I have posted. I forgot all about my 'blog' life, apparently! As I was setting up my fall display the other day (in the 90 something degree heat) I was wishing I could remember how I had it set up last year to help speed the process along. Of course I added a couple things this year so it wouldn't be the exact same but it still would have been helpful. I decided I needed to start keeping up with some of my favorite craft/decor/project ideas to help myself in the future for reference & maybe inspire some of you to take an idea and run with it! :)
Since my fall display in the front yard inspired me to start blogging again, I guess it's appropriate to start with that one. You can use any fall decor you want to make personalize your display if you chose to do one. I bought a lot of stuff in mine last year on clearance because I already had an idea of what I wanted to do. My dogs (you can laugh if you want, but they are my babies!) got me a wagon planter for Mother's Day last year that I used all summer and then figured out in the fall it went PERFECT with my decorations last year. Look at it down there, so cute! I put it away after the fall last year and just pulled it back out, still LOVE it! So anyway, here it is for this year. I have already changed a few things but I am slightly OCD and it will continue to be tweaked all season:)

This year I did A LOT in the yard with new plants and flowers (might blog on that later) so I was happy to only have two pots of flowers out in the front bed for a while. I bought some yellow zinnias in August to use for "fall flowers" though they won't last once it gets cool out. I spent 10 bucks (record for me!) on my fall flowers - got a few mums and added some snapdragons in a pot together. I buy flowers just budding, not blooming usually so you can't really tell. Hoping for a pretty pot in a few weeks though. (Also excuse the crazy bushes, they got a trim after this picture was taken)

There it is upclose! Easy!
 And yay for me, pretty cheap for decorations that will be the base decor for the next 3 months!
This post is long enough, so I'll just add two more pictures of other decor in the yard & be done! =)


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