Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Wreath

I am in the middle of a huge project around the house (turning a "junk room" into my craft room YAYYY!)so things have been a little off with my crafting lately. I started buying supplies for my fall wreath a few weeks ago. I refuse to pay full price for crafting supplies when there are so many coupons out there. Sometimes it takes a little time to gather all my supplies. =)
Anyway, I sat down the other night and pulled out the randomness I had bought over the past few weeks and started to play. This is what I came up with and do have to say I am pretty pleased. I didn't use everything I bought, but hey, I'll have that stuff readily available for my next creation!
Everything I used came from Hobby Lobby on this wreath. Fall stems, burlap ribbon, acorns, and of course, a grapevine wreath.
I played with the stems until I got them how I liked and used a little hotglue to keep them in place. I used to burlap ribbon to cover the unsightly stems that didn't poke nicely into the wreath.
To finish it off, I cut some of the little reddish flowers into little bunches and glued them to the opposite side of wreath. Then to each bunch I added an acorn.
Easy peasy!
And here it is on my porch!



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