Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easy & Beautiful Planter

This turned into one of my favorite planters this summer. It originally held all my herbs, but as the summer sun heated up, most of the herbs started dying off so I replaced them with random plants and just trashed some on the bottom (there were originally 4 down there). On the top from left to right is - orange mint, geraniums, sweet potato vine. On the bottom is parsley and my jalapeno plant. This was taken probably a month and a half ago and since then the orange mint and sweet potato vine are down to the deck, growing towards each other, with the pink still poking through a little. I added a pink bug to give it that pop once the vines started taking over.  The parsley and jalapeno plant are almost up to the bottom of the top part. It is BEAUTIFUL! And the orange mint gives it a nice smell. I will definitely be doing this combo again next year, on top anyway. I have enough jalapenos in my freezer to last me for quite a while =)

Here it is more recently, with my little pink bug. The geraniums are still flowering, just not as much.

My deck flowers- all of which, except the petunias, are toxic to dogs. Keep them up away from your pets!

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