Thursday, September 6, 2012

Black & White Wreath

I LOVE making wreaths! I think they add a lot of character to your home and front door. I make too many-- (if that's possible) but I do use them all. I just switch them out (with my flags) every month or so.. give or take, depending on what I've made or what new flag I've come across. I am a weirdo, I somehow like everything in the yard tied in together. Not a theme, but I will not put out stuff that doesn't "go" together!
I ordered a really cute flag that had black and white zebra print last fall, for this summer (always cheaper to get yard stuff off-season!!). So I needed to make a wreath to go with it. No not a zebra print wreath, but something with some black in it because in all my wreaths, not a single one had black. Well, except for the Halloween one, but that would look a little silly.
So below is what I came up with. I bought a regular grape vine wreath (with a coupon of course) and spray painted it black. I rummaged through my materials looking for anything black and white to use on a wreath. I luckily had quite a few things but did purchase a few others. Here is what I used:
black and white feathers
black and white felt
houndstooth fabric
black and white beads
white flowers
(All of my supplies for this wreath came from Hobby Lobby)
Stuck the feathers and white flowers in the wreath then made some flowers/leaves from the felt and houndstooth fabric. There are tutorials all over the internet for making flowers like these! I glued these down to cover the stems and added some beads to the centers and wah-lah!
Loved this wreath so much, I left it out throughout TWO different sets of flags! =)
And just because, here it is with some of the flags! I think it turned out great, but I might be biased because it's my yard =)

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